A protest doesn’t always have to mean an angry mob with pitchforks and signs airing their grievances.

In fact, when it comes to real estate taxes, the County expects people to protest each year and has set an entire procedure for it.  Are you taking advantage of it?

This year, home value assessments in Polk County jumped about 8%.  That means some homeowners have seen their assessment go up 10% or higher!  We have many clients in that boat that have contacted us.

So what can you do?

We can assist with reviewing your situation to see if there are legitimate grounds to protest the assessment and get your value lowered.  There are several things we can look at which could form the basis for a successful protest.

It’s estimated that 8,000-9,000 residents just in Polk County will protest their valuations this year and somewhere between 50-60% will be successful in getting their value lowered by some amount.  So I suppose the glass is either half full or half empty depending on how you choose to look at things!

If you want to file a protest, don’t delay.  The deadline to file the written protest is May 1, and we recommend getting them in sooner.  The earlier it is filed, the earlier you are set for hearing.  And sometimes, we can even reach a successful resolution without a formal filing by speaking directly with the Assessor.