LLC Setup

A limited liability company (LLC) has quickly become the most popular form for new business creation.  LLCs come in all shapes and sizes, from the one-member company to large, small businesses with dozens of employees.

In just the past month, my office has setup LLCs for the following types of businesses:

  1. A restaurant adding a new location
  2. A business management and consulting company
  3. A company that sells online on Amazon
  4. A real estate investment company purchasing a new rental property
  5. A real estate investment company purchasing a new farm
  6. And perhaps my favorite….a business based entirely online playing video games!

At Hubbard Law Firm, we’ll discuss your unique business situation and determine whether an LLC is the right fit for you.  If it is, our typical setup package includes drafting and filing the Certificate of Organization with Secretary of State to officially create your new LLC, preparing the company’s Operating Agreement, obtaining a Federal Taxpayer ID number (EIN), preparing the Organizational Minutes, preparing Unit (stock) Certificates and meeting with you to sign everything and answer any questions you may have.  Registered Agent Service  is also included for free with your setup.

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